GoWish Partner


When you partner with GoWish, your products receive unique exposure on our platform.

Secure Wishes on Your Webshop!

When partnering with GoWish, we refrain from comparing your products with competitors, ensuring that your products stand alone and are not compared with other brands.

Without a partnership with GoWish, products will be compared. This means we display alternatives to products and redirect traffic to our partners if possible. By partnering with GoWish, we do not compare your products.

Generate Additional Converting Traffic

Our partners often experience an increase in both traffic and revenue, as users can focus on products from your brand specifically, with the chance that they remember your brand and return for further wishes and/or conversions. This can help establish a loyal customer base and create a strong connection between your brand and our platform.

Your products have the opportunity to receive extra attention if the same product is desired from a webshop that is not partnered with GoWish. Users can replace the desired item with your product or visit your webshop directly to purchase the item.


With the new activity feed feature, it becomes significantly easier for you as a partner to reach out to your followers on your Brand Wall and constantly inspire them in their daily lives. This feature is designed to provide your followers with an experience similar to what they know from other popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Therefore, your followers are crucial!

When you make changes to the active trending lists on your Brand Wall, these updates will automatically be displayed in the activity feed for all your followers. This means that your followers will always be updated with the latest changes and trends within your brand.

With this feature, your followers can easily and conveniently scroll through the feed and be inspired by the new products and trends you share. They also have the option to add your newly created products directly to their wishlists with a single click, creating a smoother and more engaging shopping experience.

The activity feed allows you to build a closer relationship with your followers by allowing them to be part of your brand’s development. At the same time, it provides you with an effective way to measure and analyze your followers’ engagement and interests so you can tailor your strategy and content accordingly.

Overall, the activity feed represents an exciting opportunity to strengthen your brand’s presence and connection to your followers on the GoWish platform.